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Athena MLS Head Gasket - Audi S3 8L


Athena Multilayer Gaskets are designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures. The gasket consists of 3-5 different layers of different materials to work perfectly in every situation. The combination of the different shaped single seals allows to achieve a higher compression level and to distribute the tightening torque evenly to the entire cylinder head

The new design is made of high quality 301 stainless steel. Each individual layer is individually formed and is cut with a laser, in order to ensure absolute accuracy. Thereafter, each part undergoes a stress relief process. Only then the two-component coating is applied from polymer. A coating prevents the damage and at all times ensuring the tightness of the coolant and oil elements

The key to success are also the highly elastic gas stopper. These are actively deformed by pressure and deliver in the installed state the perfect seal around each cylinder bore. This offers the possibility to connect the cylinder head and engine block tighter. So the risk is minimized that warp engine parts. A temperature compensation of individual components can adapt quickly


  • Engine: BAM
  • Max bore size: 83mm
  • Thickness: 1.4mm
  • Layers: 4

Athena Gaskets are the best solution for all iron and aluminum engine blocks or cylinder heads

Make Model Version Year
Audi S3 8L [99-03] 1999-2003
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