Supercharged Civic Type R - Part 4









Now that the exterior of the car is complete it was time to focus on the suspension. The car was previously running the usual 'fast road setup' consisting of Eibach Sportline lowering springs, rear camber arms and front camber bolts. Combined with the Quaife LSD the handling was great for road use, but I wanted to make it good enough for track use.

I gathered the following suspension upgrades:

  • BC Racing BR Series Type RA coilovers
  • Hardrace Rear Camber Arms
  • Hardrace Rear LCAs
  • SuperPro Full Bush Kit with caster increase front arm bushes
  • SuperPro Uprated Rear Anti-roll Bar
  • SuperPro Drop links front and rear
  • Tegiwa adjustable steering arms
  • OE Replacement Ball joints
  • OE Replacement track rod ends

You'll also notice a SuperPro front ARB in the pictures however that didn't fit with the exhaust manifold, so I left the JDM ARB on the car.

Shortly before having these parts fitted the clutch started slipping so I upgraded to a Competition Stage 4 Clutch Kit and Competition Clutch Ultra Lightweight flywheel, and a main crank seal for good measure.

A few pictures of the parts..

I got her booked in to have everything fitted at once.

The guys started by removing the gearbox and then stripped down all the suspension.

The EP3 wishbones are prone to rust so I considered replacing the complete arms. Upon inspection these looked solid with just a bit of surface rust so I reused them.

Out with the old..

..and in with the new!

I love the Hardrace Blue!

Almost there with the biggest job out of the way (fitting the SuperPro bushes)

All complete and ready for alignment

With literally every suspension componente replaced, there was no way I could drive the car without having the alignment done so I booked her in with Atec Align Huddersfield.

A sneak peak at some of the new goodies fitted.

With the alignment done I took her out for her first test drive and all I can say is wow! A completely different car with the suspension feel that I need for track. The SuperPro bushes have stiffened up the chassis and the caster increase has helped reduce wheel hop while the coilovers have given the extra stability around bends. Now I just need to get her on track to make full use of the upgrades!