ID-Workz Suzuki Swift Sport Shop Car

ID-Workz Suzuki Swift Sport Shop Car

Hi guys,

We're back with another blog for our latest purchase; a Swift Sport ZC31S. Having recently sold our little IQ I thought the Swift would be an ideal replacement. I test drove one and was pleasantly surprised at how much fun these little cars are. The rev-happy M16A engines features VVT which revs forever and the chassis feels so light and agile - it's no wonder they use these as hire cars at the Ring! By no means is this a fast car with a steady 123bhp, but it almost feels like a cheaper version of an EP3 and it feels quick (until you look at the speedo)

I bought it with a faulty clutch so it had to get recovered to our HQ. Here's some pictures from when she was delivered 2 weeks ago (on 17th Feb):

The first thing that required attention was the clutch so I had a few parts fitted at the same time:

With the car running sweet the next job was to give her a thorough clean. I also found the OEM tyre wall too thin so upgraded from a set of budget 205/40/17's to a set of Uniroyal Rainsports 3s in 215/45/17. The car drives so much nicer and the tyres feel the arch better too. The Powerflex mounts have also help reduce flex on gear changes so they definitely worthwhile.

Here she is finished with a set of fresh number plates by F1 Plates

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