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Supercharged Civic Type R EP3 - Part 1

Supercharged Civic Type R EP3 - Part 1

With our White Glanza being off the road for the best part of 2 years after a head gasket failure at Silverstone, I needed something to take her place. She was only meant to be off the road but for a few months but as with all project cars, the to-do is getting bigger rather than smaller, so completion is not in sight and I'm getting inpatient!

I was originally looking for an EP82 Starlet GT Turbo but a good example is no longer easy to source so I decided to go for a Civic Type R EP3. I planned on a rev-happy high power build as I know how much fun they are (I had one for a short while a few years ago) but then I came across this gem on eBay..

Although this particlar Civic Type R looks almost stock, it's far from it..

Yep, that's a Jackson Racing Supercharger kit comfortably sitting in the engine bay! With the help of a Quaife ATB LSD to put the power down, she's running a safe 290bhp at 6psi.

I love how the car looks so original. Sure, that will change during my ownership, but it's the perfect base to start with. 

It's the first Supercharged car I've owned and one thing I'm very impressed with so far is the response. The Supercharger combined with the Quaife LSD is awesome fun around the bends. It doesn't pack the mighty punch that I'm used to feeling in the Glanza, but the power is very useable and it's a completely different car coming out of bends. The Supercharger whine is growing on me too!

Full spec of the car:


  • Jackson Racing Supercharger Kit
  • Tegiwa Carbon Air Intake
  • Tegiwa Exhaust Manifold
  • Mugen Twin-loop Cat-back Exhaust
  • RC650 Fuel Injectors
  • CPL Fuel Rail
  • Hondata K100 ECU Mapped by Eurospec producing 290bhp at 6psi



  • Quaife LSD
  • M-Factory Carbon Gear Synchros
  • Exedy Organic Clutch Kit



  • Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs
  • Eibach Front Camber Bolts
  • Eibach Rear Camber Arms
  • Toyo T1R's



  • Bride Super Low Seat Rails
  • OEM Recaros
  • Boost Gauge



  • Mugen Style rear spoiler

Back in Huddersfield after a 200 mile drive home from London. Updates to follow!

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