Supercharged Civic Type R - Part 2

Supercharged Civic Type R - Part 2

With show season fast approaching we needed to get the EP3 covered in ID-Workz branding. I visited our good friends at Go Tints Huddersfield to run through my plans and then left it with them to work their magic.

A few pictures as they got her stripped down

Anyone who had followed my old build threads on forums will know I have a thing for Yellow cars. This started back in 2007 when I was 15 years old and was building my first ever project car; an EP91 Starlet which ended up a Glanza replica. I had the choice to paint it in any colour I wanted and somehow ended up going for Pearl Yellow. It worked really well and the car got a lot of attention both on the road and across the forums I posted the build on.


Skip to 2011 when I was building the ID-Workz Demo Glanza - that also ended up the same colour


The Demo Glanza really helped build the ID-Workz name. It turned heads at all the car shows and got a full feature in Japanese Banzai Magazine and Japanese Performance Magazine.


Now that I had the choice to wrap the EP3 any colour I wanted it just felt right to choose Yellow, especially as there aren't many Yellow EP3s about. Yellow works so well with Black so I went for a half wrap. I'll let the pictures do the talking..

I'd like to say a huge thank you to the team at Go Tints Huddersfield - they've wrapped it exactly how I wanted it. The ID-Workz branding is yet to be applied and she's dying for a new set of wheels - the silver OEM wheels look out of place with the Yellow!

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