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Alcon Front Brake Discs - Nissan GTR R35 CBA (380mm)


Alcon OE Replacement Front Brake discs for R35 GTR (Pre-facelift CBA)

These discs will re-use the stock bells with the provided Alcon hardware. Disc size 380mm x 32.8mm.

These discs are made from motorsport grade casting with Alcon's signature Crescent grooves. These will last 2-3 times longer than the OE units and offer better initial bite, are less prone to crack, and work well for both street/track performance built GTRs; or simply a much better alternative than OE as a GTR maintenance product. 

Price includes Front LH brake disc, Front RH brake disc and Alcon hardware for installation.

These are excellent replacement brake discs and are used on our very own R35 GTR.

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Year 2009 - 2010
Make Nissan
Model GT-R
Version R35 [09-]
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