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Brexit Update

Updated 18th January 2021

The Brexit situation has left many customers confused. We've compiled this list of Frequently Asked Questions to help with understanding how our EU customers will be affected.
What is Brexit and how does it affect me?
While the United Kingdom was part of the European Union, all customers benefitted from the free trade which means no import fees or taxes. The UK has now left the European Union which affects the way we will export products to customers in the EU.
What's changed?
Prior to Brexit, European customers paid 20% VAT on purchases (included in our website price). There were no duties or import fees to pay due to the free trade within the EU. Since the UK left the EU on 1st January 2021, EU customers may be liable to pay duties and local taxes on orders.
Do I pay tax twice?
No. 20% UK VAT will be removed from your order total at the checkout. You may then be liable to pay tax at your local rate upon receiving your order.
Here's an example..
Based on a £1200 order being shipped to France
Pre-Brexit: Customer pays £1200 including VAT. Customer receives the goods with no import fees.
Post-Brexit: Customer pays £1000 and no UK VAT. Customer pays local import fees at 20% (French VAT rate) totalling £1200. There may also be a small handling charge by the courier.
Please note the local VAT rate depends on your country. The example above is based on the French VAT rate which is 20%.