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Why you should be considering a performance clutch for your car

When most people begin to modify their car, they either start from an aesthetic outlook - looking to lower the car or change its stance - or, they are looking for increased power. Whether you go for a cold-air intake system from K&N or a Blitz Power Induction kit for those cars with a turbo attached, once you have committed to making upgrades to your cars power output, you will need to consider how that power is applied.

How a performance clutch works

Your clutch forms part of the transmission and is responsible for either engaging or disengaging the driving shaft (from the engine) to the driven shaft (connected to the wheels by various means, from car to car). The clutch plate sits between the gearbox and the engine, normally using the flat surface of the engine's flywheel as a means of abutment.

Unless the clutch pedal is depressed then the clutch is engaged, the gears within the gearbox are in neutral, allowing the driving shaft to spin freely whilst the engine is in idle. As you depress the pedal the spring loaded clutch plate and release bearing move out of position, allowing for a gear to be selected and as the pedal is released the clutch ‘bites’ - slipping slightly every time you change gear.

It is this constant slipping within a dry clutch that means eventually, your clutch pressure plate, clutch disc and various bearings within the bell housing will need replacing. If you increase the power output of your car, you increase the speed at which the driveshaft spins and as such, the clutch takes more strain in preventing damage to the gears within the gearbox.

Using a performance clutch kit from ID Workz

In essence, the more power your engine puts out, the more robust and reliable your clutch needs to be. We have a massive range of clutch parts from the most recognised brands in the industry. Whether you’re looking for an OEM replacement master cylinder or upgraded hydraulics hoses from brands like HEL Performance - we keep thousands of regular maintenance parts in stock.

It may be that you are stage tuning your car and you require a lightened flywheel and corresponding plate from the likes of Competition Clutches. Perhaps you’re changing your transmission set-up entirely? In which case you’ll need a clutch kit with more precision and very definite torque increases, such as the Exedy racing paddle clutch kit.

Performance clutches

Peace of mind when you speak with us directly

If you’ve got any questions at all regarding clutch modifications or replacements for your make and model of vehicle, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We only stock the brands that we ourselves trust, the likes of Competition Clutch, Exedy and Koyo bearings are used on our demo car. For any further information, contact us through the website or on 01484 535665.