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ID-Workz Uprated Gear Linkage Bushes - Celica GT4 ST185 & ST205

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ID-Workz uprated gear linkage bush kits are designed for both street and track use.

This kit is designed to give a much better and tighter feel over the standard rubber bushes which wear over time and cause a 'sloppy' gear feel. The original bush is made from rubber and brass, which both wear over time.

The bearings supplied in this kit are made to a very high quality. They are sealed therefore allow no dust or dirt in. Unlike solid bushes, these bearings allow rotational movement. In turn, they will last longer and will not rub against the cable end which would lead to wearing of key components.

The ID-Workz uprated bush kit replaces both the original metal and rubber sections, and the difference is extremely noticeable. This kit is supplied with stainless steel washers unlike other kits that come with zinc plated washers that will rust over time.

This kit has been tried and tested in our own demo car so buy with confidence!