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AirREX Digital Air Suspension for Lexus Ct200H (11-)

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This is a wireless digital air management system designed for the ultimate ease of installation. Fully wired, plumbed, and leak tested and packaged in an enclosure no larger than a dual subwoofer box. Simply make two electrical and four air line connections and you are ready to roll.


  • Completely digital system with individual corner control and pre-set ride heights
  • Keypad shows individual bag pressure for precise control and tank pressure
  • 12 Click Damping and height adjustable front and rear struts, for precise control of handling and feel
  • Ease of fit struts and management. Management is complete pre-fabricated - the valve block, compressor, air tank and purge valve are all pre-assembled.
  • Plug and play power feed and air lines
  • Double bellow bags (where application allows for space and wheel fitment) which offer more strength in rubber than sleeved bags. Also now using triple bellow air springs for lift & load for better performance & handling feel
  • Reduced labour times to fit. Many applications can be fit in a full working day (excluding cars that require chassis notch etc). This is due to the market leading pre-constructed Air Management system, which comes fully enclosed in box, with 4 easy air spring connections and 2 power connections, earth & positive
  • Camber adjustable top strut mounts for most vehicles (where space allows), allowing better wheel fitment and handling
  • 20amp fuses as opposed to the 40amp in competitors power feeds which are less likely to over power and blow fuses
  • 1 Year AirREX Warranty

Management Systems

Air Lift Performance 3P - Pressure Based System

Monitors air pressure in air strut to determine ride height. Features include Air Lift Controller, Free Mobile App, Fully Integrated Manifold, 5 Customs Presets, Show Mode, Rise on Start and it's easy to install!

This management kit includes: Manifold, Controller, Wiring Harness, Water Trap, Mobile App, 1/4" Air Line, 4 Gallon 5-Port Lightweight Raw Aluminium Tank, VIAIR 444C Compressor

AirREX Version 1 - Pressure Based System

Monitors air pressure in air strut to determine ride height, Allows connection to IOS/Android smart phones with functions - All ip / All down, Rise on start, Pressure based system can be upgraded to Height level sensors at any time.

AirREX Version 2 - Height Based System

Monitors by using height sensors to check suspension travel (Highest/Lowest point). 100% Height sensor functionality with IOS/Android App. Rise on start. Can be ordered with or without case.

Both AirREX V1 & V2 management systems include:

AirREX Touchscreen Wireless Controller, AirREX Wifi Enabled Controller, Single 444c VIAIR Black Compressor, 3 Gallon AirREX Tank with Water Removal System, AirREX ECU, AirREX Manifold, Check Valve, AirREX Power/Earth Cables, 1/4 inch Air Line, AirREX Key Chain, Fuses, USB Charge Cable

Direct Bolt On

When we use the term direct bolt on, this means that each of the struts kits in our application list has been developed to fit the mounting points exactly like the OEM set up you have from factory giving you peace of mind installation that everything is as it should be. During the development stage each air spring is tested for max load & pressure combined with correctly valved dampers, every strut kit is subject to rigorous testing undergoing extreme environment simulation from -20°C all the way up to +40°C

Air Springs & Damper Technology

Built to withstand changing road surfaces, our struts are designed to offer flexible levels of performance throughout their life. Each strut kit includes a complete front & rear set up. Front struts include as standard 12 click damping adjustable mono tube dampers, camber top mounts (where chassis fitment allows), height adjustable bodies to dial in fitment and bellowed air springs whether it' a double bellow air spring or a triple bellow on applications which need to absorb big load. Our rear struts include as standard 12 click damping adjustable mono tube dampers, height adjustable bodies and bellowed air springs whether it's a double bellow air spring or a triple bellow where chassis allow, for tight of space chassis we use our newly developed slim double bellow air springs moving away from sleeve bags.

Fitment: Lexus Ct200H (11-)

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