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HKS Hi-Power Full Dual Muffler - Nissan 370Z

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The HKS Hi Power exhaust is a Japanese classic. Straight from the JDM market, comes one of the most known and respected exhaust systems. The HKS Hi Power exhaust has been used on both classic Japanese street cars as well as full blown race cars due to it's ability to flow incredible amounts of exhaust through it's straight through muffler design, yet be as civil as possible for the street and daily drivers. Arguably one of the best sounding exhaust systems, the HKS Hi power delivers the natural note of your engine through it's specially designed high flow, straight through muffler that has special "Advantex" glass wool, made by Ownes Corning. The muffler section is stainless steel while the piping has a special SUH 409 coating, usually only seen on HKS exhausts, to help protect the exhaust from the elements.

HKS Hi Power Exhausts Features:

  • Direct bolt on exhaust system
  • Straight through muffler design with aggressive sound
  • Built with "Advantex" glass wool (By Ownens Corning)
  • Built with the least amount of bends to produce the most power
  • Most models include a removeable silencer
  • Made in Japan

Note: Suitable for US/European models