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HKS Legamax Premium TiTip Muffler - Nissan GTR R35

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Legamax Premium mufflers offer the performance benefits of a sports muffler with the class and elegance of a premium muffler. Every tail pipe design is customised per application to ensure that muffler has impact and becomes a focal point in the appearance of the vehicle, yet blends with the overall design of the car

Legamax Premium mufflers are constructed of SUS304 grade stainless steel to give a high lustre finish which is durable. Some applications also incorporate the latest automotive fashion trends by featuring titanium tail tips which adds to the premium appearance with its distinct look.

Not fit to GT-R NISMO. Not fit to vehicle made after 2016 except "Pure Edition" 2017 model. Vehicles made after 2010 require modification of stock aluminum air guide plate. Not fit to 4BA-R35.