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HKS Super Fire Iridium Spark Plugs - Toyota Starlet GT Turbo Glanza

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Spark plugs become a key factor in clean and complete combustion in any petrol engine. Clean and complete combustion is paramount in performance tuning as the power produced is directly related to the force of the combustion. HKS offers a large range of spark plugs to accommodate a wide range of vehicles in varying different states of tune.

Improved ignition performance, durability and anti-carbon build-up. The Ultimate spark plug for increasing performance of tuned or stock engines.


  • 0.6mm Iridium Alloy Center Electrode
  • Outer Electrode with Platinum Chip
  • Short Type Outer Electrode (Anti-Vibration)
  • Thermal Edge
  • Spark Support Gap
  • improved Ignition Performance
  • Improved Durability
  • Price is for a set of 4