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HKS Superior Spec R Exhaust - Nissan GTR R35

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Hi-Power Spec R mufflers are designed for no compromises whilst still maintaining a reasonable noise level for street use. In the pursuit of absolute efficiency, a one piece design was utilised and titanium was chosen as the preferred material due to it its incredible lightweight properties and durability against the weathering and long term use. Hi-Power Spec R mufflers are on average 65% lighter than the manufacturer's standard muffler system and the single piece design reduces the inefficiencies that can be found at joints whilst allowing for the straightest possible design.

Suitable for model R35 and engine type VR38DETT.

Not fit to GT-R NISMO. Not fit to vehicle made after 2016 except "Pure Edition" 2017 model. Vehicles made after 2010 require modification of stock aluminum air guide plate. Not fit to 4BA-R35.