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KAAZ Limited Slip Differential - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 1 2 & 3

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Kaaz plate type limited slip differentials (LSD's) are precision engineered to endure the tough conditions encountered in motorsport events. Offering reliability while being highly competitive means that Kaaz differentials are used in high level competition cars the world over.

This 1.5 way differential is suitable for all types of motorsport. With optimized performance during acceleration it carries a lighter lockup on deceleration which is best suited for traditional road racers. Despite the fact that 1.5 way units have slighter lock up on deceleration, many racers still use this type for aggressive motorsports such as drifting or gymkhana events.


  • Clutch Plate A: 6
  • Clutch Plate B: 6
  • Cone Springs : 2
  • Configuration: 1.5-way
  • Factory Torque: 5.0-7.5 (kg-m)
  • Ramp / Cam Angle: 45x20

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