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Millers Trident Professional Semi Synthetic 5w30 Engine Oil (5L)

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A semi synthetic high performance engine oil formulated to meet the demanding requirements of today’s engines.


Recommended for use in modern vehicles where this type of oil is specified by the manufacturer.

Trident 5w30 is especially recommended for use in many modern petrol and diesel vehicles that require a fuel efficient lubricant.


  • Provides easy starting and quick circulation of the oil even under very cold conditions
  • Helps to maximise fuel economy and minimise emissions
  • Protects against wear under arduous operating conditions and allows the use of the modern longer oil change service intervals

Performance Profile

  • ACEA A3 / B3, A3 / B4
  • API SL, CF
  • Meets the requirements of MB 229.1
  • Suitable for engines requiring a 5w30 grade oil including Ford and many Japanese models

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